Operations Division : “MES Offers The Best and Specialized Services”

Most of the time, the water storage tanks and water distribution system in the building have been noticed as the root cause of any water contamination. Possible sources of contamination are the building water storage tanks and water distribution channels which have not been cleaned as per the cleaning frequency endorsed by UAE which is every 6 months as per international standards.

The Water Tank Cleaning and Disinfection is necessary at least twice a year or more often to remove algae (plant growth which produces bad tastes and odor) and other bacteria.

MES cleans all water tanks of any types and sizes along with most pipelines systems; and we will remove all the resident slimes, molds and bacteria bio-film. In addition to that we can carry inspection of pipelines and drain lines by using special inspection cameras. MES also cleans the blocked pipes and drain lines by using high pressure water with variety of nozzles.

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