Operations Division : “MES Offers The Best and Specialized Services”

Blockage of drain line is a very critical issue which is difficult to diagnose and solve. The blockage can contaminate hotel lobbies and even guest room. Residential properties and hospitals are also facing issues of drain line blockages.

MES cleans all size and kind of drain lines with specially designed equipment and machines which are good enough to penetrate even through hard substances, pesky clogs and major backups. We are clearing things out with a wide range of services from high-powered jetting, relining, repair and replacement. We guarantee to get rid out of dirt, debris and grease that could become your next major drain clog.

MES can inspect your drains using a video camera inspection service to determine the health of your drain lines. Our company’s high pressure jetting services are becoming the preferred method of re-establishing water flow and offers an alternative to the standard drain snaking technology. Our equipment not only removes a blockage but washes away all debris found within a pipe.

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